Can you believe this is a toy hauler garage?

Credit to Asphalt gypsy

Autumn at asphalt gypsy used the versatility of a toy hauler garage for this amazing bedroom renovation.

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Credit to Asphalt gypsy

The bedroom door

While I’m typically timid about using wallpaper with lots of color shades looking fake. with a high-quality paper used in a small section it looks spectacular. Never used peel and stick wallpaper? Life on Summerhill has a great tutorial.

The wall decor

If you don’t happen to have any large baskets to hang. what you’re looking for is something earth-toned with some kind of texture. the texture is important to remember, flat white walls with flat items feel cold and… flat.

While hooks on the walls add a little hanging storage. I’d go with a rope blanket ladder though, it gives a lot more storage with a low profile and a clearly rustic feel.

DIY by Remodelaholic


The bed

Recreating the bed is very simple. a vinyl plank or Peel and stick wallpaper across the sides. and add light neutral bedding, notice the light pink. white isn’t the only color that can open up space.

The ladder can be replaced like here or repainted depending on how you like its shape.


Multipurpose furniture like the large wicker stool beneath the ladder can serve for storage, seating, and easily be shoved out of the way (though you may have to get one custom made).

A stove heater adds rustic flair, practicality in the winter, and a flat surface.

finally, a trunk, or dresser (short enough to stay below the window) gives you clothing storage.


A big mistake I see lot of RV renovators make is white washing the walls and ceiling then putting down a flooring thats as close to white as possible.

A darker colored floor will draw your eye to it then down the grain. (like wearing horizontal or vertical stripes).

vinyl plank is very easy to cut so you won’t have to lose all access to your tie-downs. and they can be easily covered with a rug. However, if you’re loading a motorized vehicle don’t use plank. it’s not going to be able to take the stress and with the low to no texture won’t be safe to drive on. What you may consider in this case is foam planks.

But what about travel?

Experienced RVers will look at these wall hangings, loose floor decor, and see a travel nightmare. however, with creative thinking, this can be a perfectly travel-friendly look.

Large wicker storage and wooden furniture will travel fine once filled with stuff.

For the heater, it’ll depend on weight but if too light. it can be held to the wall with mounting tape. any lightweight items on top of it should be kept in a basket held onto the heater with mounting tape.

Large plants can be taped to the floor with once again, mounting tape.

Rugs even have their own floor tape this should always be used just for the trip and fall risk.

For wall decor there is of course the obligatory mounting tape, but for items that can be damaged glue a magnet to the end of a dowel (like this) and put a magnet on the opposite side when in travel.

Do you love this look? have any improvments you’d make? I’d love to hear your ideas.